Your Success is Our Future

As North America's largest producer, no one is better equipped to supply the chemical capabilities of calcium carbide. Please give us a call to find out how Carbide Industries LLC can better your process. We truly believe:


Here are just a few ways we are insuring your success:

  • Annual production capacity of over 100,000 tons of calcium carbide
  • Start-up assistance and practice development from our engineering experts
  • Technical assistance, optimization, and trouble-shooting of processes
  • Technical training for operators
  • Safe handling training for plant personnel
  • Customer service staff to insure the timely supply and quality of your operation
  • Operations certified to ISO9001-2008 quality standard



Quality Systems

At Carbide Industries it's all about consistency. Consistency in sizing, purity, and on-time delivery. Consistency in container maintenance and carbide safety. Consistency in your experience with our staff. Based on your input, we continuously strive to remove any barriers to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

That is one reason why every shipment that leaves Carbide Industries is certified to meet the customer's specifications not only in carbide chemistry and sizing, but also in container configuration, delivery method and timing, and other specific requirements.

We are committed to meeting present and future customer requirements by providing value with consistent product, packaging, and delivery.

That is Carbide Industries LLC's quality policy. To accomplish this we have developed a manufacturing system that is certified to ISO9001:2008 standards (registrar NQA-USA) to insure:

  • In process inspections of carbide purity (%CaC2) and size at critical points in the process are performed and monitored and corrective actions are taken if necessary. The last critical point is the shipment itself.
  • Customer requirements are recorded, communicated to production personnel and continuously updated by sales staff.
  • A corrective action system is being used effectively not only for in-process changes, but also to provide a closed-loop method of improving our reliability with the customer.
  • The shipping container itself is inspected for safety, whether it be one of our 4,000 flo-bins in circulation, or a railcar.
  • Frequent visits and checkups by sales staff update the requirements and provide feedback throughout the system.

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Safety & Technical Support


Carbide Safety Training

Calcium carbide forms acetylene, a flammable gas, when it gets wet. Otherwise, working with calcium carbide is like working with lime. The rules and procedures for handling and storing calcium carbide are covered in our 1 hour training class. This class is recommended for any new employees who will be using or transporting carbide - and we also recommend a refresher class at least every two years.


The Carbide Safety Training is provided free of charge to our customers. Just contact our sales department to schedule. Here's a list of the topics that are covered:

    • Acetylene
    • Calcium Hydroxide
    • Health Data
    • Exposure Effects
    • First Aid
    • PPE
    • Common Packaging Features
    • Flo-bin Safety Features
    • Flo-bin Safe Use Procedure
    • Rules for Carbide Storage Areas
    • Responsibility
    • Dry Spills
    • Wet Spills
    • Fire Control
    • Common Safety Issues
    • Where to Get Assistance


Carbide Technical Training

It's one thing to make steel - to make money making steel, that's the hard part! Carbide Industries' well-traveled technical experts are available to provide technical training in the areas of steelmaking, slag conditioning, desulfurization, and clean steel technology.


These courses are designed to cover the basics in a way that is accessible and useful to shop floor personnel. There is an emphasis on not only how the different steelmaking processes fit together, but also how different job functions can help each other in improving the mill's bottom line. Discussion is highly encouraged.

Contact our sales department to find out more and schedule a training class.


Process Optimization

Another service we provide our customers is an analysis of their process to look for areas that could be made more productive and/or less costly. Of course, we like to show side-by-side comparisons of carbide with other materials, but we also use the same analytical techniques to examine other areas of customer interest such as ladle life, energy usage, steel cleanliness, and potential risk to downstream process quality.


We also work alongside our customers to trial carbide material versus control heats of standard or substitute materials. These trials are able to predict actual dollar savings from actual operations. They often illuminate other areas for improvement such as crew inconsistencies.

Please call or email our sales department for more information - see contact info below.


Safety Info

From the selections below you can view (in a new window) safety information about calcium carbide and its byproducts in various applications.

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS), formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), contain important information about the properties of our calcium carbide material that can affect safe transport, use, and disposal.
  • The Container Handling Booklet describes procedures for the safe use of bulk carbide containers. This information should be built into your SOP for container handling.
  • The Health and Safety Booklets contain a great deal of information about safely handling and using carbide in various applications.

All files are in Adobe's portable document format (.pdf) and open in a new window. To download the documents either right-click on your selection or save them to your disk after opening.


Product Info

From the selections below you can view (in a new window) basic information about the different calcium carbide grades. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE NOT MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS AND ARE PROVIDED FOR GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY. Please contact our Sales Department to obtain actual Carbide Specification sheets.

All files are in Adobe's portable document format (.pdf) and open in a new window. To download the documents either right-click on your selection or save them to your disk after opening.



As part of our customer support mission, our technical team continually writes and updates reference materials designed to help you increase efficiency and reduce the cost of your manufacturing processes. From basic educational know-how, to ways and means to better utilize calcium carbide, to shipping and labeling regulations and other influences that may impact production or markets, we most likely have the documentation to help you out!


For example, our most popular items for customers include:

  • Calcium Carbide for Steelmaking and Slag Conditioning (Binder)
  • Calcium Carbide Bulk Dispensing Systems (Binder)
  • Fundamentals of Silicon-Manganese Deoxidation (White Paper)

Please contact our Sales Department to obtain your copy of these references and of course, if you have any questions about calcium carbide.

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